This UPS is very useful for offices, dispensaries, shops etc to run lights, fan and PCs, in case of power outage for long time. It has built in automatic voltage regulator ( AVR ). In case of input AC voltage exceeds 248 Volts, then the AVR will reduce the output voltage.

Similarly if input AC voltage drops below 200 volts then the AVR will boost the output voltage. The output of this UPS is regulated pure sine wave using high Quality latest generation MOSFETs. This UPS can run PCs without any interruption as well as few lights, fans, TV, music system, cooler, photo copier machines etc.
With LCD display you can read input, output voltage as well as output and battery charging current.

Programming is provided to select AC voltage range, battery type, battery charging current, inverter on warning.
It has unique software for charging the batteries so there is less maintenance required and the battery life is extended.